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LED YD7 3.0 Back Lit Rigid Bar

Supper Brand Nichia Back-lit light box

YD7 3.0 series bar is designed for 5-10cm slim back-lit lightbox with high brightness and easy installation


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 Constant Current Version


Basic Specification

YD7 3.0.png

Available Color

YD7 3.0.png


  • Adopt Nichia 3030SMD

  • Aluminum PCB adopted,for better heat diffusion

  • Good Back light with high brightness and uniform light

  • Reversed polarity connect protection, no damag to bar if positive and negative connection reversed

  • Adopt WOGO connector or AMPR connector  

  • Constant current IC: Ensure the stability of the product  performance and less brightness decay



  •   Sign light Box 5-10CM


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